SLut CLUB non stop Every Saturday



The regular Saturday Nighter for all kinds of fetish gear and interests.

A guarantee for full house and loads of fun and excitement, full access to all areas and a strict door policy provides a night full of horny man and new friends. Pushing music and horny atmosphere makes SLUT CLUB to "The Place To Be" that night.

Door open from 10 pm until open end and continues by Early Hour Club starting from 5am.


Strict dresscode

Followed by INsomnia Early hour club

5.00–open end


For all the restless, sleepless, insomnia ill people we provide the early hour club.

There is no dresscode, no minimum charge, just enter and let you guide through the morning by a horny atmosphere with a mixed crowd of people!

Party starts from 5am on and continues until the last men leave!

No dresscode